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An Independent & Unbiased Approach to Investing

Every portfolio we manage is custom tailored based on our clients’ needs. Because of our individualized focus, we’re able to uniquely optimize results through a combination of know-how, technical analysis, superior investment selection and asset allocation. Fleetwood investment strategies continue to stand the test of time over the inevitable rise and decline of market cycles. In addition to the highest level of personal attention, here’s what else you can expect as a client.


Investment Advisory Services

Our clients enjoy consistent

performance, whether the economy

is looking bleak or bright

Low Cost

Over time reduced portfolio expenses can significantly enhance returns. That is why we emphasize the use of funds with lower costs structures. We do not impose sales commissions or “loads.” And we never receive any portion of mutual fund fees. That’s one more way we keep costs low and assure objectivity.


Our macro asset allocation reflects a broad approach to global investing. We are well diversified within the domestic and international equity and fixed income markets. Portfolios are designed to create solid long-term, risk-managed performance through a combination of different asset classes and style characteristics.  Funds under management include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) and may also include stocks and bonds.

Personal Service

Our organization is committed to maintaining the highest standards of responsiveness and communication. We enjoy working closely with our clients and maintain flexibility to accommodate scheduling needs.


We provide quarterly performance reporting for every account, including comparative market indices. Our trading and custodial services are provided through Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.  Accounts are established in your name.  We never custody or commingle client funds or securities.  Clients enjoy 24/7 telephone and online access to their account.

Investment Monitoring

In addition to monitoring variations in performance of underlying holdings, we conduct ongoing reviews and daily supervision of each client portfolio. We have discretion to make adjustments, but always within the parameters that have been mutually established beforehand and assigned to an account.

Our firm is committed to ethical practices and safeguarding investor interests.

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